1/10 Scale Woot Roadster


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Not worthy woot… unless you have kids or somewhere to run it at work…

On second thought… this would be hilarious at work… roll it up behind people and set off the alarm!!
Worthy Woot!!!


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1/10 Scale R/C Woot Roadster
With free Samsonite SAP-708 motion alarm
$14.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
The 1/10 Scale remote control Woot Roadster* has a high speed electric motor, proportional steering and speed control. The independent suspension and road-hugging rubber racing tires provide remarkable control and all of the excitement and thrills of realistic street racing without the dangers of a run in with Vin Diesel! The MR2 Spyder-looking car is fully assembled and ready to go - just charge the 9.6v rechargable battery pack and go. Comes in one of four colors.

Plop the Samsonite Motion Alarm into the convertibles front seat and arm your improvised car alarm from a distance!

Specifications: Colors: Blue, red, yellow, black (with no choice for you**)

Size: 12 x 4 x 5 (1:10 scale)

Lightweight, durable plastic body (actually it’s just cheap)

Full function remote control (as opposed to half function)

Transmitter Range: 100’

Transmitter frequency: 27MHz

Semi-proportional right and left steering plus forward and reverse

Front and rear suspension

Rubber true grip tires

Authentic fake woodgrain dash

In the box:

1/10 scale Toyota MR2 Spyder

Remote controller (uses a 9 volt battery)

9.6v Ni-Cd rechargeable battery pack

AC Battery charger (for 9.6V Pack)

9 volt battery included (for controller)

Retail packaging is quite ugly

Vin Diesel not included

*Described as Woot Roadster for no reason other than it has no other name we could find.

**On Orders of 2 or 3 woot will attempt to ship multiple colors but you still don’t get to pick.

Included by Woot:
Protect your new MR2 Spyder with the Samsonite Motion Alarm with Remote Control. It features 3 alarm sounds, an emergency panic button, a 100 dB high pitch output, and it’s encased in a durable, black, ABS plastic body. You can actually use it for more than your new R/C toy - Simply attach the cable to your notebook, briefcase or suitcase handle, set the patented motion sensor, and unauthorized movements to your carrying case can be detected.


wow…i wonder how fast it goes.


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i hope bitches… hahhha :twisted:


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How Fast Was That? 1st Page


good woot


eh not the best woot


Very nice. :roll:
Now, is this w00t worthy, or what? :wink:



If its possible, could you send 2 cars with different frequencies? If not its cool, but It’d be a bit more fun to be able to use 2 cars concurrently. O yea, don’t forget the 3 powerbricks with my order (I got the RC car last time and the email you sent out said something about shipping 3 of them with my next order that was in 30 days)

Thanks alot



Why so slow with the first page, usually the first page is filled up by now


this is ok if it’s first item in a woot off!! but as a solo item…uninspiring. oh well, keep up good work woot, no hatin from me


Looks like a Opel Speedster rather than a MR2 Spyder. Good deal thou


Nice W00T, with Christmas coming, I’m down for 2! :stuck_out_tongue:


:slight_smile: First page Woot, Woot!


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