1/14th Scale R/C Hummer H2 with SpyCam


Welcome to the 1/14th Scale R/C Hummer H2 with SpyCam topic for Tuesday, November 30th, 2004. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments for the 1/14th Scale R/C Hummer H2 with SpyCam here…


I give in. At this moment in time, I have to say that Firefox is indeed superior to Internet Explorer. IE refuses to load images now (first issue I’ve ever ever had with it) and I can’t figure it out. There are a lot of things I really hate about firefox, but I need to suck it up until I reformat after finals.

Suppose I should comment on tonight’s woot. It’s a totally awesome toy but definately can’t afford it. I’m predicting this one won’t sell out unless there is a very limited quantity. I just bought my own Christmas presents over Black Friday…a pair of 17" lcd monitors from staples…damn they’re sharp.




Woot should be an impulse purchase =(
$184.99 too rich for my blood!

[size=18:6a78e82c01]More Items Under $50 PLEASE!!![/size:6a78e82c01]

On another note, how can you be spy cam sneaky, if it says spycam on the side?

It’s like an undercover cop car with POLICE in neon lights on top!


Hey don’t step in that WOOT!


man I cant afford this


Life is sucK!


woot needs to be less laggy

more ram in the box please!!


w00t did you say?


$220 off retail and $100 off sale price on eToys…not too shabby…


wtf? More confusion - the forum loaded before the item page…


adfasdfasdfsdsdfadsfsdfadsf :shock:


An H2?? That’s a fake Hummer.


No more little kiddy toys please


First Page! RC Again? ISUFT? OH well, there is tomorrow…


could be bad…people will peek under skirts with this thing




[size=24:356fdaf369]$180 for that?[/size:356fdaf369]


Hmm… Humm… Hummer!


Wow…Schumeister really got his ass kicked hear.

Whose on the first page? Not Schu!!
WOOT ON!!![/color][/size:5771a777e0]


woot off first page foooz!!


[size=18:382c3b138e]Cheets!!! The Lot of you![/size:382c3b138e]