1/2 Horse Power Reduced Noise Chain Drive

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1/2 Horse Power Reduced Noise Chain Drive
Price: $128.99
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Garage door installer/repair dude here.

I have never heard of this brand. Its internals look similar to a Linear brand motor which is an OK opener at best.

For $140 I’d wholesale someone a Liftmaster 8165 which I know to be a good machine. I’d even say go for a
chamberlain from a big box store, those are common with available parts.

I have also never heard of this brand and have been selling building supplies for over 10 years. I agree with garage door installer above, liftmaster is good, you can go to a big box store and find a Chamberlain in stock for around $125. A garage door or opener is not something you want to chance getting customer support on from a company nobody’s heard of.

Seeing how this is only designed to open sectional garage doors and not a one-piece, it makes me wonder how minimally speced the components are. The 6-year warranty is only on the motor; the rest of it is 1-year.

I installed this exact Decko opener at my son’s home 3 years ago. I had an installation question and phoned the 800 number. The customer service people are in Minnesota (USA) and speak English. That was very helpful because I speak English too. No problems with this opener since it was installed. Son and his wife give it a thumbs up. The 3 button wall control is very nice too. One button is used to turn on the opener light without opening the door, Handy feature. Wish I had that on my Genie opener.

This opener has very good reviews in Amazon… 4-1/2 stars, customer support is in Minnesota. Wall push control has a lock-out feature (when it’s not used or while all are at home, prevent stolen remotes being used.) I don’t know if it can be re-programmed or not.

It’s good to see some actual owner testimonials here, but I agree with the other guys that I wouldn’t pull the trigger on this when Chamberlain are available at the same price point. I am not a professional installer, but I’ve installed several openers over the years, and I can say I’d probably take this over a Genie, but not over a Chamberlain.

I will give it props for including a multi-function panel, though. Typically that’s something you have to buy separately with a Chamberlain. And chain drive is the way to go, so there’s that too.

I’d definatly give more weight to users with experience with the brand than those here that know nothing of the brand. I’d buy this if i needed one.

Well, I don’t know if it matters but this unit gets pretty solid reviews over at the mothership http://amzn.to/22ExBzM