1:24 Scale RC Sports Car

It’s a good thing the colour is random. I don’t think I could live with that tough of a decision.

These things look good in the pics and might be fun to play with, especially for $7 + $5 shipping. Are they any good?

I’m guessing given the price and specs, these aren’t the kinds of R/C cars with “proportional steering,” right?


One rating at Amazon for the Rastar 1/24 Scale Radio Control 2009 Nissan GTR RC Car

I’m no ratings slave. I’ve got kids. In for 3.

A GT and two Lamborghini. Oh please woot gods let one be orange. :slight_smile:

Product Website

froogled - cheapest anywhere else is $13.00 + shipping.

One of that reviewer’s complaints was that the ones he found all used the same frequency so he couldn’t race them. Woot is offering a choice of 2 frequencies.

Both of the problems mentioned at Amazon shouldn’t an issue if you use NiMH rechargeables in the car at least, and order different frequencies if you want to race them. (In the R/C world 27mhz is considered to have better range, but in this case I doubt it matters.)

i have two of these (if they are more or less the same as the ones on thinkgeek & i think they are). good fun. the downer is - and correct me someone if i’m wrong - you can only be racing two of these cars at a time. so it’s not fun for the whole family … just you & your wife while the kids watch.

In for 3. Hopefully FedUSPSX gets them here before Santa comes.

No Evo IX, lame… i would have gone for it if there were one…

I have 3 kids sooooooo in 4 3, Two cars will race and the third will be the decoy!
c’mon woot I am thinkin ORANGE!

cha really! if there was an STI i woulda been all over this =|

Do you think you could race different models on the same frequency? Lets say the Lexus IS 350, Lambo, and Nissan GT-R are all 47 MHz then would they be on slightly different channels and you could race them or no? I want to assume yes, but sometimes manufacturers get lazy and just buy the same crystal for all of them. I want to race 3 of them, only have 2 isn’t that fun. :smiley:

In for three, for my kid, just like the two 1:12 scale Lambos I bought a couple months ago on the regular woot site. Hopefully different colors, but the kid won’t care. One to save in the box, one to race…and one I’ll hold back, 'cause five Lambos under the tree is at least one and probably two too many.

I would not assume that the freq is different on any given band (IE 47mhz would offer 47.xx0 47.xx5 47.x10 ect) I would suspect they will all be the same… HOWEVER… if you can get to the crystals and swap tx and rx on one car you can create a 1/2 freq that will allow two cars to operate together without interference (old R/C racer trick for 27mhz.) good luck.

No American Muscle = no deal :frowning:

There is no reason to believe that they are on different sub-frequencies, but there is the tiniest chance that you will get two from different batches that are a little apart. Don’t bet on it, though. Anyway, with Chinese quality, you’d want to get three in the hope that at least two will work right.

com on there dirt cheep,the kid`s (your drinkn buddys) will luv them

Plus at this price you can give the other one to the neighbor for their kid. Merry christmas I guess.