1, 3, and 5-Day Juice Cleanses

“good for 3 days from when you recieve them”
How do they know the shipping time? Do they overnight all the juice?

All juices will be shipped overnight the day after your order is placed, so expect to receive them in two days.


I see.

Wow that’s pricey stuff.

So, a five day juice cleanse requires the use of the freezer?


LOLing at the retail prices. $100 for 6 pints of juice, really? I mean, even Woot’s price here is excessive.

I guess if you throw in enough new-age buzzwords like “cleanse” and “detox” and what not, people will buy anything.

I like how these juices are always on Woot… no one must be dumb enough to by them even on woot.

Does it come with a pallet of toilet paper?

If there are “toxins” in my body that my liver and kidneys can’t rid me of, I probably need a hospital more than a bottle of juice.

One thing you never see is a list of these “toxins” that cleanses are supposed to rid us of. If they’re in fact doing what they claim, it should be simple to run a blood test and identify specific toxins, do the cleanse on a group of people (don’t forget to have a control group!) and run another blood test to measure the results.

I’m not holding my breath though.

Buy this if you like the taste of expensive juice, but please don’t think it’s going to “detoxify” anything.

at these prices, it’s probably more efficient to buy a juicer and make your own “juice cleanse”

Seriously, Woot, this crap again?

A “cleanse” is not a thing, and no amount of wildly overpriced juice is going to make it one. Stop trying to make it happen.

I AM SO dumb enough!

Unfortunately, I am also so dumb I can’t figure out HOW to order them.

Also, I’m skeptical of anything that “prescribes” me to eat 118 g of sugar in one day. That’s 1/2 a cup of the white stuff.

I’m just going to leave this here; believe what you like.

It cleanses your wallet…

This is guaranteed to effectively cleanse my wallet of all my cash?

Good Lord! That’s insane!

Gee, how about this radical idea:

  1. Buy a halfway decent blender.
  2. Buy some oranges, apples, bananas,etc. “Organic” if you prefer.
  3. Blend and drink with whatever else you mix in. (recipes online)
  4. Take a decent multivitamin.

I know there are a lot of people who have never even learned to fry an egg, but, folks, overnighting JUICE???

C’mon gang, let’s try some self-sufficiency. Think about the carbon footprint, etc., or whatever floats your boat.

Give the money you save to a food pantry so folks can eat something better than ramen.