1, 3, and 5-Day Juice Cleanses

mothership, you keep selling them so I’ll keep chiming in:

“cleanses” do nothing of the sort. They are not adequate replacement for proper nutrition. They do not “detoxify your body and reboot your system”, this is a bag of crap.

buy them sure, but please don’t use them as directed or buy into the detox BS, its pure marketing.

really??? woot filters out bag of C-r-ap, but can put it at the top of the webpage and sell them? oh, okay…

We like to have fun with words. :happy:

So if I understand this you can buy a 5 day cleanse pack that’s only good for 3 days after it arrives? Is that right? Seems your last 2 days of your cleanse you would be drinking bad juice.

The five-day kits I’ve seen direct you to freeze your last two days upon getting them so that they stay good. I’ve never done one of these, so I cannot comment on how well that works.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

and his :bs: parts too?

Now, i know what you are thinking. A 7 dollar bottle of juice seems expensive, but keep in mind that other people are trying to sell $15 bottles of juice.

Also, if you get three of your friends to try and sell the juice, you get their downstream, and the down stream created by their downstream, and… wait, downstream sounds gross when talking about juice cleanse…

Do a quick search on “What Americans spent money on.” Embarrassing.

It makes me sad that WOOT keeps pushing this stuff. Taking advantage of naive people, and I am a conservative.

Do a quick search on “What Americans spent money on.” Embarrassing.