1-5PK Anker Lightning Cable

1-5PK Anker Lightning Cable

I like Anker stuff, but these prices from $13 to $8 per cable, depending on quantity, are kinda yawners.

Certainly not the Prime exclusive deal that was the Amazon basics cables for about half this price a while back here on Woot.

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For folks not triggered by Costco being mentioned here, they are selling a 4 pack of Anker MFi certified Lightning cables for $30 or $7.50 each, cheaper per cable than any of the quantity packs here. And 18 month Anker warranty vs 90-day Woot warranty here.

(The end opposite the Lightning plug:)
1 x 3’ USB A (standard)
1 x 3’ USB C (new, higher amp charging)
1 x 6’ USB A
1 x 6’ USB C

(This Woot Prime exclusive deal requires a membership just like Costco.)

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…unlike the prior nicely priced Amazon Basics Exclusive Prime Lightning cable sale, still available a day later…

Well, yeah. It’s the APRIL sale so most items have enough inventory to last for a couple weeks.


Well my “5 -pack” came today.
It must be a metric or new math “5-Pack”.
There were only two cables in my “5-pack”
Caveat Emptor

Dang it. Reach out to Woot! Customer Service.

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