1/8 Scale R/C Mitsubishi Lancer Evo


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Stupid remote control toys.

[color=red:bf320b7903][size=18:bf320b7903]about to be OWNED BY WOOT ADMIN again[/size:bf320b7903][/color]

i shouldn’t press my luck just because i got away with it once.

I’m not allowed to post links to my personal ebay auction where i’m set to profit.

[size=18:bf320b7903]HEY ADMIN: I revised it so I was not posting a ‘link’ anymore. It was not clickable, thus not a link. I posted the URL to the site, but not the link. If you read the definitions for ‘link’ I was clearly within the rules. And yes, I’m just being a dick, so please lighten up before you ban me or something neat like that.[/size:bf320b7903]


Good morning woot! Hm, about $15 below froogle/eBay - not bad, if not wonderful.
Still waiting on a good, cheap scanner!
I give you kitten for your scanner! (not my kitten to give):


[size=18:1885ab251a][color=green:1885ab251a]This is a much better woot than yesterdays!

Got 3, Plan to sell 1. Hope I get atleast 2 different channels so I can race.
Looks cool and normally goes for $40+



A if anyone cares, i failed my chem test and the interview
and i’m about to fail the lab
D this terrible woot isn’t helping either…


Aw crud. I need the two bottle wine cooler…


1st page?


first page WOOT!



:cry: boy stuff…but 1st page?!


[size=18:53cff8a3ba][color=blue:53cff8a3ba]Of course, this was taken twenty years ago and my taste in eyewear has improved remarkably…[/color][/size:53cff8a3ba]


did I make it


1st post ever, 1st page??
[size=18:a1bf2d176e][/size:a1bf2d176e]WOOHOO :lol:


first page…wooot



ugh. bed. now


ooo!! first time first page!!



A very “poop-ish” woot. Just as well, I bought three of the wine coolers, and don’t need to spend the additional cash. G’night, guys!




umm, like, woot.