1/8 Scale Remote Control F1 Grand Prix Car



added by woot:
27 AA rechargeable alkaline batteries in a very hard to open plastic shell (ie… a charge-it power brick – use the AA batteries in the remote, if you can remove them)


Looks fun, but I pass


Offer me a dell laptop with 800 off 1500 :smiley:


What the woot!?!?

Worst… woot… ever.

And the lg pic?? Wha?


Comes with a Charge-it brick, huh? Man, you guys seem to be dying to get rid of those! Who wouldn’t want 27 extra rechargeables though?


I’d buy it if I had more room, but my room is too small to play around with this. Maybe at work? :wink:


Not a [size=24:0f06e66ef1] $50 ROBOSAPIEN!!![/size:0f06e66ef1]


ummmmmmmmmm this sucks. does it go fast at least?


This christmas gifts for the kids.


It’s a knock off of the BMW WIlliams F1 car, and the sponsor logos have been modified. Such as Alliance instead of Allianz, BP instead of HP, etc. It’s not even an accurate replica. Definitely not for your die hard Formula 1 fan.


you first people are complete freaks!! Do you really give a shit about the product or just about being stupid—get a life


Looks like the HP logo on the side.


Larger version of the image doesn’t work.


I’m in…X-mas present. For myself that is. :lol:


they say it goes 20Mph. and as people were saying, under 20 bucks for a toy. this one will go. i’m in for one.


Dude, go to SlickDeals.net and you will have 750 off 1500 coupon code for tomorrow.


I thought it was one, until I read your post and took a double look. Hmmmmm.


I’m happy I finally got a woot to buy. With x-mas coming and a 5 yr old in the house…great deal. :smiley:


Last toy I got died horribly – and it didn’t even go 5mph… This one might explode.

damn, with that chance, I better get 3. :wink:


where’s edwardb with the compatibility links and other info for this? does it support bluetooth? wifi? what’s the newest firmware?

i refuse to woot uninformed. i woke up for this?