1 crap vs 3 craps ...


I sure hope someone can explain this to me:

I’ve managed to get 3 B?O?C?s in each of the last 3 sales. I’m not complaining, as I have gotten much more than my $8 each time. However . . .

Reading the b-0-c threads, it seems that the people who only buy 1 crapola get the same amount of stuff and, a few times, even got more than the ones who buy 1! Is there a reason for this? Am I wasting the $2 buying 3?

I’m not really that petty, I’m just curious. I’ll keep ordering 3., just to make sure I have a chance to get the next 61" HDTV! LOL


BOL . . . “Art Fern”


You’re right. However, I also keep ordering three just in case…


you are probably fine in ordering one. Its kind of like herd immunity. as long as most of the cows buy three, the few that buy one will get three. Only if a alot of the buyers start only ordering one will there be a problem.


Ya must be a fan of the late, and greatly missed,“Tea Time Movie” (aka another “Olde Farte” like me (53 sob). 1130/1030 Central time just isn’t the same without it.
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BTW, have you seen my alter ego Floyd R. Turbo in here? I just keep missing him. :wink:


1 or 3 it’s all just crap!!!


Yup; big fan . . . " . . . get out and cut off your Schlossen!"