#1 Fan

Somewhere, a muted trombone is playing “Wah wah waaaaaaah”.

This is so bad it hurts.

not warable, just looks silly.IMHO

It looks like a daisy!

I’d rather have the Christopher Walken in cowboy boots shirt… :frowning: Especially if he’s dancing!

The person who wears this is yesterday tee wearer’s #1 fan

It would not be a stretch to say this shirt blows.

That fan really really reminds me of a flower.

Why is the #1 fan an old metal version when it could be a fancy plastic one that oscillates!

This shirt did not blow me away.

What have you done to me woot??? You have some how convinced me to stay up night after night to saw what insanity you will come up with is more important than sleep!!!

A marvelous use of the Microsoft Word clip art library.

ok…lets say you take that #1 foam finger off. what is that under it? Some kinda wierd protruding handle for the fan?

I’m . . . not a fan.

Can tomorrow not be a parody or visual pun? I’d like to see something new and fresh. :smiley:

Reminds me of this fan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZdp46Jen_w

Or one of those fancy $400 Dyson desk fans that’s not a fan!

#1 stands for “The First” because that is an old model Fan.

Please…PLEASE…PLEASE…tell me if I put in my request to woot now for this one, they will print it in time for Christmas!