1 Voice Adare Messenger Bag 11,000mAh

I see where the bag is made out of canvas. Can you tell me what material is used for the edge of the flap and front straps?

The picture for the orange/brown bag looks more orange/blue to me?? Can you confirm the color?

Thank you!

Orange and blue is correct; it’s been updated. I’m waiting to hear back on the material.

UPDATE: Vendor confirms the trim material is faux leather.

Thank you!

How does the bag charge?

The bag has a removable Lithium-ion battery that charges via USB. To charge your devices, just plug them directly into the battery.

Can you please tell me the width of the interior of the bag. I need to have it hold 14 inch file folders.
Thank you

Again I see pictures of the lovely Grey/Brown, and no option for selecting that.

Is that just a color that is not available?

Just got confirmation on that. The interior is about 15" and can definitely hold 14" file folders!