1 Voice Audio Flash Bluetooth Earphones

I recently purchased these through woot, here’s my review thus far:

They sound good, borderline great. If there wasn’t a slight noticeable difference between the volume in each ear (right is louder than left)I would say that they are great. The battery time is pretty decent too at 5+ hours of play time

I’m not sure I would consider these “noise isolating”, as they block out hardly any exterior noise, so I will be using them as earbuds to jog outdoors rather than at work around my loud edgers. I wish they were more noise blocking.

One other thing I have an issue with (but this stand with most wireless headphones) is the floppy battery pack. WHY can’t all the companies incorporate the magnetic flap that the ifrogz charisma buds use? It is so convenient, and the battery doesn’t pull the bud out of your ear when running, or moving.

Other than that, these are decent.