1 Voice Lightning Earphones

I gave my daughter one of these that I bought on Woot for Christmas last year. She says she likes it better than the one that came with her iPhone 7. She lost that one on the trip back to college, so I picked up three more for her. At this price, I can afford to get her some extras.

Also, the estimated delivery originally was February 20. I bought these on February 3 and the current tracking shows they should be there on February 8.

I received these yesterday and they did NOT come in a carrying case, just a box and a crummy little plastic bag. Additionally, the + and - buttons do not adjust volume, as one would think, instead it jumps to the next track/podcast or starts the current one over. Who thought of this?
I’m rather dissatisfied with this purchase.

I’m really sorry about your missing carrying case. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

My daughter says she didn’t get her carrying cases either. I 'll contact customer service, too.