1 Voice Qi Wireless Chargers

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1 Voice Qi Wireless Chargers
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One thing about wireless chargers to keep in mind… if you have a case, especially a heavy one like an Otterbox Defender, basic QI chargers will have trouble or fail. I bought a set of them from Woot a while back, and they’d only barely work with my case, due to the distance the case puts between the coils in the charger and the phone. For reliable charging, you want a 3 coil charger if you have a case.

It seems any of them work fine with a bare phone, though, so if you have that, these should be good.

We have a few. All work fine with iBlasson and Otterbox cases. Most of ours are 2 coil. I only have (1) 3 coil, but even the cheap $5 ones charge through our cases.

The real question is, will any of these support fast charge?

Can the powerbank be charged with a Qi,

I can’t believe this tech isn’t more prolific. Palm Treo had it a decade ago. Especially considering all the charging port and cheap cable issues people have complained about over the years.

Just fyi the mousepad is available cheaper on groupon.


I’m seeing


A similar product cost $16.99 only

[QUOTE=ls3mach, post:4, topic:738467]
We have a few. All work fine with iBlasson and Otterbox cases. Most of ours are 2 coil. I only have (1) 3 coil, but even the cheap $5 ones charge through our cases.

The two I got here were 10$ each. The vertical one would repeatedly connect and disconnect the power with my otterbox, eventually leading to the phone turning off wireless charging to let itself cool down. If I futzed with it and got it juuuuuust right, it would connect and mostly stay connected. I bought a 3 coil vertical and it only occasionally bloops once when I put the phone in.

The flat one was more reliable, but I ended up wanting the vertical one so I bought a second. Your mileage may vary.

Mousepad/charger works great. I have a case on my Note5. The positioning has to be just right, but once you learn where the coil is and figure out exactly where you need to put the phone, it’s fine. Would buy again at $20. Love the dark leather-like design.

UPDATE: That didn’t last long. After less than a month, the charging part of the pad stopped working. I think the USB connector isn’t strong enough to be connected to a mouse pad that sometimes gets moved around a bit when you’re using it. WOOT was good about a quick refund. Shame. I really loved the pad.

New. Woot warranty.

Now I understand. Tried to use it today for the third time ever. Power switch is GONE. Z

must remember: no mfr warranty, there’s usually a reason.

Sorry woot. This one was a dud.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.