1 Voice T7 Blast High Fidelity Bluetooth Headphones

1 Voice T7 Blast High Fidelity Bluetooth Headphones

For the price, complete and utter crap! Can I return these please?

If these were maybe $10 (max) I would be okay with them, but for a discounted price of $43, from $150!?, I REALLY hope no one paid the full price.


  • 100% plastic construction, everything feels cheap about these thing.
  • No wait, there’s a metal band in top which claims it to your head like a vice grip. COMPLETELY UNCOMFORTABLE!
  • The plastic pads are on-ear, despite their looking like over hear headphones. The plastic on skin breathes like a trash bag.
  • Nothing above 11kHz is coming out of these headphones. No highs whatsoever.
  • Button controls are poorly placed. And feel cheap
  • Some places advertise these as noise cancelling. Not in the least.
  • I didn’t bother trying the phone call quality. Forget it. My ears are sweating after 1 minute.

I’ve bought tons of cheap headphones in the past. Nothing this bad.

The box says “Premium High Fidelity Wireless Headphones”. “Wireless”? Yes. “Headphones”? I suppose. “Premium High Fidelity”? Not by anyone’s definition in the field. This is false advertising.

Don’t be a sucker.