1 Voice The Yoko Charging Backpack

1 Voice The Yoko Charging Backpack

Soooo the pictures and description say this is a messenger bag but the product name (‘what you get’) and title call it a backpack. Although possible, this item is not both.

Please advise?

Thank you for asking. It’s a messenger bag. I think we’ve got the title & features correct now.

Had a 1Voice Messenger Bag from Woot… It disintegrated almost immediately from light use: seams split, buckles came apart.

Came to the conclusion that these are cheaply made. Don’t waste your $.

Aww, but it’s so cute

It’s not a backpack. It matches the picture perfectly.
It states the strap is removable. It is NOT! It is sewn on.
I wouldn’t call it a “Messenger Bag” either.
That fancy flap on the side? Just decoration! No pouch or pocket under it. Waste of fabric.
The little zipper pocket at the top of the flap is only big enough for a cell phone.
The “Built in Battery” is just dropped in. No wiring holes or anything holding the battery in. You can throw any other battery in the pouch inside. Or several. The pouch is not even sized for the included battery (which arrived completely DEAD - not good for LiPo batteries.). Charges with included Micro USB cable.
It’s worth it just for the battery if it holds a charge. (jury is still out).
I’ll keep it cuz it would cost me $3 in gas to take it back to the UPS Store.
Can always use it to carry dog toys and leashes.

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Got one a couple of years ago from Woot. Decent battery and the bag wasn’t half-bad either. For 12 bucks, it’s not a bad deal.