1 Voice Wireless Bluetooth Earphones With Charging Case

Do you want cybermen? Because this is how you get cybermen.

These look like these but rebranded, and more expensive than they sell for on Amazon.

Amerzam Bluetooth Headphones Mini Wireless In-Ear Earphones Bluetooth Car Headphones Headset Earbud with Microphone for iPhone 7 6S Plus Samsung Galaxy S7 and Android https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M66GNSU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Qhn0ybBZ6NKKQ

Thanks for the link. Woot laughs at us again for our gullibility.

While those are certainly very similar, they are by a different brand. Just from looking at the photos you can see that our offer is made of a matte plastic, while the amazon offer is made with a glossy plastic. Now, does that really matter for the functionality of the headphones? Almost certainly not. However, it’s my job to point out when a comparable item is not the same. So, here we are.

The biggest difference in the link above and these is that there are 2 ear buds in this one from Woot and on Amazon it’s only one ear bud.

No on Amazon it clearly states its a pair. - 12.Package Include:1 pair bluetooth headset+1 pcs Charging Case+1 pcs Micro USB Cable+6 pcs ear rubber+1 pcs user manual Pairing

“6 PCs ear rubber…” hope they stay put and don’t rip…would hate to end up with an ear pregnancy…

technically they work as advertised. I am actually kind of impressed with the dual bluetooth pairing trick and the ability to syncronize the audio.

However, they’re not small and light enough to stay in your ears during any form of activity. They’re fine for sitting still leaned back in a recliner listening to music, but for that, so are full earphones with a wire. Maybe worn skiing, under a knit pull-over facemask?

Nice sound, interesting tech, useless headset.

Got to follow up and retract that assertion. I decided to give them another try since I’m in a situation where I probably won’t even turn my head for the next few hours and maybe they’d stay in my ears.
pairing. device connected. second device connected. left channel. right channel.
Join a confcall - audio only in left. Fire up a video - audio only in left. Finish the call, try music. restart the buds. restart the phone. The only audio transmitted by the non-host bud is administrative.
I confess I’m glad that they’ve gone from just something that sucks to something actually technically defective. I’d rather they had both worked, and been useable, but at least I can file for an RMA.

So the Amazon link says there is a Mic but the woot specs don’t say there’s a Mic. Only in the Description it mentions a mic. Do the woot earbuds contain a mic for calls?

Per the vendor: Yes it does