1 Voice Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

I get the feeling these would not be good for runners.

Found 1 review that gives them a decent enough score. Not mindblowing, but not terrible, especially considering the price.

I haven’t even ordered these yet and I’ve already lost them…

Not bad for the price, but as other Wooters have said, probably wouldn’t be good for runners, but in the gym, they’re great.
These are the only wireless earphones I’ve purchased that actually fit and don’t fall out.

You are correct. If one falls out, you’d be hard pressed to find it.

I have these. Wish they were this price when I bought them. My biggest complaint is the frequent sync loss between the two buds. Plus they do not sound like ANC. Unless there is something I need to do to turn that on. The dirrections were horrible and no mention of ANC.

Just got mind. I got a little velvet bag instead of a carrying case. Other than that, I’m satisfied. Not for running but good for workouts. No problem pairing with my iPhone. Sound is good enough for the gym. Since I know I will step on one sooner or later I’m ordering a 2nd pair for backup.

Same as above comment. In a velvet bag instead of case in picture.

Hmmm. I’m sorry to hear that. Let me look into this…

disappointed as the case was a little black velvet bag not the hard case pictured in the ad. directions are a bit sketchy

Hey all!

Just heard back from the vendor. The new production lot of these earphones came with a velvet bag instead of the case. Some orders have the case and some do not.

If you want the case, contact our CS and they will ask the vendor to send you one.

Please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

PS: If you order after this point, expect the velvet bag. We will be updating the photos shortly.