10 Fuji 35mm QuickSnap Cameras

Can you even get these developed anymore?

If you have an upcoming wedding these are great to set on the tables at the reception for people to take pictures with. You will get some great shots that you would have never gotten from your wedding photographer.

I hear these are cool at wedding receptions and Christmas parties and stuff. You put them out on the tables for the guests to take pictures. These seem cheap. Wonder what it costs to develop them?


I believe that Walgreens still does them and Walmart may. I think they both have send away services too that will them as well.

Surely. Thanks.

Is this Antiques Woot?

I believe it costs roughly $15.86 each to develop at a Walgreens.


And there it is. Thank You!

Walgreens or CVS will send these off to a national lab; it takes about 7-10 days roundtrip and runs about $10-15 for prints + CD, or less for just prints.

You can process C41 color neg film yourself, it’s easier than B&W film, and probably costs about a dollar a roll. You can then scan it into your computer using a slide scnner, or an inexpensive flatbed scanner that has film capability.

Or, a DSLR with a macro lens and a filmstrip adapter.

Film still has many advantages over digital.