10" Gel w/Tanglewood Cover (5 Sizes)

Anyone purchase this in a previous Woot? Any feedback?

The message board on this one is a ghost town.

I bought this exact bed exactly one year ago. I could not be happier.

I used to have a regular spring mattress, and when I bought a queen bedframe, I decided to upgrade.

You don’t “sink” into memory foam mattresses like the “handprint” commericals always make it seem. It’s more like a very gentle form-fitted cradle. This isn’t the kind of bed that you’d easily sit on the edge of while you put on your socks, that much is for sure. But when you lie down you will be amazed at what it feels like.

The cooling layer on the top does a great job of keeping the mattress cool, and washing the cover is a cinch.

For this price, it’s fantastic. Word of advice though; it is a MASSIVE shipped package (even for a queen size). It’s compressed down, rolled up, and then sealed in a giant duffel bag (looks like a giant hot dog). It is heavy. However, once it’s open, it expands quite rapidly.

Also, here’s a GIANT thread about this exact mattress on Woot the last time I bought it.


Ordered it a couple days ago and it arrived today. Like someone else said, it is compressed down and packed in a black bag. Hubby and I were joking that it looked like someone dropped off a body :smiley:

Puffed right back up to size as soon as the plastic wrapping was cut. Looks great and feels comfortable, can’t wait to get to sleep on it!!!