10-Inch CoolFlow Mattress (4 Sizes)

Good morning everyone! I’m with the manufacturer PuraSleep and will be here to help you throughout the deal with any questions you may have.

Pull down menu indicates the queen size is $299, but it shows up at $309. Which price is correct?

Thanks for sniffing this out Craige10. Please stay tuned for the updated pricing.

After a couple years of the wife sweating and realizing the ‘change’ was over, we threw out the gel memory foam topper and she’s been ‘sweat free’ for a week now.

So what’s difference about your memory foam compared to what they were using 2-3 years ago? A link would work fine for me.


I bought this here last time and I love my mattress. I was so apprehensive about purchasing a mattress online without testing it first but I’m so glad that I did. I saved a lot of money compared to what my friends spent on theirs, and the quality is great. Yeah, win, win.

Hi Randoph not sure what brand of topper you had, there are huge differences in the quality and types of gel even 2 to 3 years ago. Now not only has the gel itself improved, but also we use a type of open-celled memory foam that is excellent at pulling heat and moisture away from your body so that it doesn’t build up directly underneath your body.

Thanks so much mellobeth66!!

Same here, and I couldn’t have said it better myself! Well, maybe I could, but feeling a bit lazy today…


Thank you, are these designs incorporated into your ‘topper’ as well? Thanks

Great question Randoph. Yes, our toppers also have the open-celled memory foam that pulls away heat and moisture from your body. The difference between our two toppers is that one is a Gel Enhanced foam that contains a gel additive for even more cooling.

What’s the weight rating on these? I know part of the durability would depend on the foundation, but for the mattress itself, how would it handle ~550lbs? Roughly 250 on one side, 300 on the other.

Another excellent question…the combined weight would be 400 lbs.

Can you flip this mattress, and if so, how often should it be flipped/rotated?

About how long is it expected to last/is there a guarantee/warranty? If so, for how many inches of impact?

Good questions SirTurtle. The mattress has a distinct top and bottom, so no flipping required. You can rotate the mattress every few months.

There is a 10-Year Full Replacement Limited Warranty for protection against defects including visible indentation greater than one and one half of an inch (1.5”)that is not associated with an indentation or sag which results from use of an improper or unsupportive foundation or adjustable bed base.

You can check out the details of our warranty on our website www.luxefoam.com under the Customer Service tab.

PuraSleep mattresses are designed to last. It is recommended that mattresses be replaced every 8-10 years.

Hi PuraSleep! Can I use my existing box spring with this mattress? I have a standard bed frame.

Hi jenimaine! Glad you asked this question. If you have a traditional style “box spring” that is made with actual springs we don’t recommend using those as they have too much give.

If you choose to use your existing box springs, they must be flat and sturdy with wooden slats no more than 3" apart.

Check and see if there is any sagging or the wood gives when you push your full body weight on it, then it’s not ideal (even if the slats are 3” apart.)


So here in Colorado, as it is a bit cold, would the “cool” design actually pull heat away from one’s body? We have a heated mattress cover to help in the winter, would that be counter productive to this type of mattress?


Hello dave4mick! The CoolFlow foam will not pull heat away from your body leaving you cold. The CoolFlow Memory Foam allows natural air flow so that it keeps the heat from getting trapped against your body which would cause you to sweat.

You can certainly use a heated mattress pad just make sure to keep it on a lower setting.