10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case

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10-Inch Waxer/Polisher in Case
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In case of what?

Time to check out the product page and one person loves this over at homedepot.com

Lots of reviews at Amazon

I’ve owned a Wen polisher for at least 15 years, probably longer and it will not quit! I use it for my boat (at least twice a season) and for one of my cars which is also fiberglass with a gel coat finish. I put a lot of miles on this machine and figure I got my moneys worth years ago…and it still keeps going.

If anyone has the notion that this item may be cheap, well you have a valid point. Cheap is not the correct word, relatively inexpensive is a better and more accurate term. This machine does exactly what it is advertised to do and does it over and over and over again.

This has great reviews and support from Wen according to Amazon buyers.

I want a polisher that has or can use the waffled poly-sponge pads as well as the fleece type. Will this unit use those type pads?


Personally, I would (and did) pay a little more and get a Porter Cable 7424XP. I’m not familiar with this particular unit so I’m not bad-mouthing it. A 10" unit makes life difficult when dealing with indented panels, small areas etc. Again, I can’t speak for this model but I will tell you that it is impossible to damage paint with the Porter Cable. You just can’t do it. It’s the only polisher I’ve seen that can accurately make that claim and it be the truth. I’ve used it on several Corvettes with impeccable results and trust it 100% to do no paint damage even if aren’t paying attention. When you’re talking about a paint job worth thousands of dollars do you really want to split hairs over spending 50 more bucks? OH, and if you’re serious about a show quality paint job but are a novice in the area, you can start by searching for “junkman” on youtube and watch his videos.

Again, I’m saying NOTHING negative about this unit, simply offering a different viewpoint.

I was just about to say the same thing as above. Not that this is bad, but a 10" pad is harder to work with. The PC is great, easy to use and offers more versatility.

As for your actual question, I have not seen any waffle type pads at 10". Usually, they are between 6-7", made for the standard pro size, just like the PC buffer.

No it will not. Check out AutoGeek er dot net. They can educate you in what is what.

A random only is safe and very flexible, however actually correcting paint takes a fair amount of time and effort. Plus it vibrates your nervous system to death.

If you want to care for your car with quality products and materials get a Flex random rotary.

These polishers cause more damage than any good they may do. Ever see the guy with the circles all of the their paint in the sun. This is probably why. Check out YT and AutoGeek to watch the vids and make an informed decision.

Wash, clay, polish, and layer sealant and then wax.



Buyer beware! I quit buying anything with moving parts from woot when I got stuck with a saw that died on the first use and neither the manufacturer nor woot would honor the warranty. Any “deal” savings was lost. Now I only buy tools like this locally so I can walk n the store and return them if they die prematurely.

A little late with this, but I doubt 3/4 of an amp is accurate. Probably 7.5 amps, not .75 amp.