10 Other Things

Cheat shirt ; )

Zero Wing
Zelda 1
Oregon Trail
Super Mario Brothers
Arcade Splashscreen

PS: Buying one because I knew most of these outright. :smiley:

Blue Wizard shot a Food.

Nice shirt!

I can’t help but think of Dr. Mario with the “Winners don’t use drugs” pill.

Oh video games. sigh So many great memories. I also learned to save at EVERY save point. Every chance you get. I learned that the hard way in Metroid…Plus leaning doesn’t make you go any further when you’re jumping. No matter how far you lean.

You forgot the most important one.

Or maybe you did…

It’s “Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-B-A”

Konami Code

I have been eaten by a grue. I still have nightmares.

The danger with these shirts is that no matter how much research (i.e. playing video games) I do, I always leave out something of vital importance. Now’s your chance to right this wrong before it happens. Join me on my Facebook page to submit your suggestions for the next 10 things! One random commenter will win a free t-shirt!

Perfect time to post this excellent track from MC Frontalot!


It’s not “Our princess is in another castle” but just “Our Princess IS another castle” - that’s a famous SMB mistake…

I stand corrected. It’s been at least 22 years since I used that one.

It took me a lot of quarters to learn not to shoot food.

Both wrong.
It’s only one B A.


The write-up, I mean. One of my most satisfying high-school moments is when I beat that arcade game on 1 quarter then kicked my friend’s butt in the final battle to see who gets the girl.

Sigh. So lonely…

Wizard needs this shirt… badly!

Great shirt! took a lot of thought.

I’m surprised theres nothing about marios ever changing wardrobe or yoshi using her unborn children or animals being full of money.

This is my favorite of your series so far! Awesome Print Orion-