10 Piece Stay Fresh Reusable Containers - 2 Pack

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10 Piece Stay Fresh Reusable Containers - 2 Pack [New] - $4.99 + $5 shipping

2 * Idea Village 913 10 Piece Reusable Container Set with Stay Fresh Technology

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Ill save the Tupperware for my mother, Goodnight

10 piece, 2 pack… 20 piece?

Here’s a better question. Why green? Is it just because you guys are trying to subconsciously convince us to buy more from woot? :stuck_out_tongue:

I already tried these. The lids don’t stay closed. Due to this defect I couldn’t say whether or not it actually keeps veggies fresh longer. The bags work great however.

Not sure how advanced this “stay fresh technology” is, looks like an ordinary storage container to me.

How high should my “paper tower” be? :slight_smile:

Anyone know the BPA status?

Nowhere does it say we don’t get the food…Yes! I’m in for three…I’ll be hungry in a couple of weeks.

You can buy lunch meat in these type of containers and when your done reuse them. Its overused but “worst woot ever”

Not the greatest reviews on Amazon:

Edit: Though many of the complaints also refer to the cost of S&H from the tv ad/website. At least woot has reasonable shipping. :slight_smile:

Before someone asks, you’ll be getting 10 containers per “I want one”. 10-piece means 5 lids, 5 containers. Two-pack to double that to 20 pieces: 10 lids and 10 containers.

So if you get “I want three”, you’ll be getting 30 containers with lids.

Yes, I have a 3rd-grade math expertise. You can stop groveling before me now.


Alright, first off I am getting three because I need tupperware.
However, “10 piece includes 5 containers and 5 lids”. Seriously?? Couldn’t just say 5-pack? A little misleading

*Thanks for the reviews post, no way I am buying

More leftovers, less eating out. We are in a recession after all. :slight_smile:

Why did you have to put food in the container, Woot?

Now I’m hungry and there’s no food in the house ;_;

What does “environmentally friendly” mean? bpa free? compostable? #5 recycle?

Well it says 5 containers/ 5 lids. So a 2 pack is just 10 full tubes

How to Use:

All food should be dry before placing in the container.

Sooo, no gravy or applesauce allowed! :wink:

the reviews are God awful on these =/

I purchased a similar set from sharpers image about 3 years ago. I use them all the time. Mine had silver in the plastic. These look a bit like it, but I am concerned about the tops on this model. I like mine because they have locking clips, these look like Tupperware tops. They will pop open if you drop them. Are these BPA free. I don’t want to grow a third eye1