10 Piece Stay Fresh Reusable Containers - 2 Pack

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10 Piece Stay Fresh Reusable Containers - 2 Pack
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 2 Idea Village 913 10 Piece Reusable Container Set with Stay Fresh Technology

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Huh? Stay Fresh? I don’t really need any more plastic containers in my cabinets. Thanks though, good to see the woot off is back on.

I would definitely buy some if I didn’t already have two cabinets full…

These are awesome. I got them when they were out on a Tuesday. The lids fit well, and there is a good variety of sizes.

Conspiracy: Amazon raises the price of Woot! products to make it appear like a better deal.

reusable containers,. What will they think of next.

At first glance on the wootalyzer window, i thought this was a leak frog. Whatever happened to those little creatures?

so do they work? Do they actually keep foods fresher longer?

Count it, 20, that is 20 reusable containers.

Something to put all the shirts in

Anyone know if these are BPA-free?

Oooh woot, what are you trying to do to us? The LAST thing we need to do is store and microwave our foods in plastic. BLECH! Maybe try to get your hands on some glass/stainless steel containers with lock/lock type lids, and you’ll have a buyer in me!

you aren’t supposed to keep strawberries in a sealed container.

Actually it’s 10 (10 containers, 10 lids)

And I can’t believe I missed it!

it’s a shame I keep missing the earphones

Dang it! Sold out before I could pull the trigger.


Does anyone know if these are good quality? I have the usual gladware containers. I’d be willing to get rid of those if these are better quality. A good price anyway.

Nevermind. Gone. Oh well, no biggie.

SOOOOO true!!!