10" Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress with Ventilation System & 2 Contour Memory Foam Pillows

We bought one of these (for the same price) maybe not quite a year ago.

Just rotated it last week, and still have yet to feel any indents or weakness in the foam.

I like a firm bed, and this foam is just right between firm and snug (the foam is more giving as it warms up and conforms to your body). My wife doesn’t like it as much, she preferred our previous pillow-top, but she’s a lightweight at 130 pounds, so maybe this is a bit too firm for her?

I needed it for my back, though, and it has helped.

woot has the queen, sellout has the full, home has the king and the twin is on moofi…

Anyone tried one of these from previous woots? Need a new mattress and this is rather tempting.

Woot! upside down is Moofi…whoa

Its says 10 inch could this be right?

These things make my back and neck hurt like crazy. I think they are so soft that nothing gets any support, and I get all contorted all night, and wake up feeling like an abused pretzel.

I’m surprised there’s not a twin sized one on Kids Woot.

That’s what she said. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Face down. Mattress Up. That’s the way I like to WOOT!

I’ve had one of these now for almost a year. It got me off the air mattress on the floor, for which I am eternally grateful. However, know that the firmness nearly mimics the floor. People will tell you that it caves in where you sleep over time. This is true - but I’ve rotated the bed 180 degrees 2 or 3 times so far which has mostly mitigated the caving. Certainly however, overtime the more it caves, the more dense it will become - which has caused me to question many a time whether my back was broke in the morning because of the bed or my job. I’m pretty sure its the bed though. Over the past year, this bed has ravaged my back. But for some reason I keep going back to it each night…

Home is the king, Woot’s the queen and Sellout’s the kid.

Where’s the twin?

Oh, nevermind. They’re triplets.

Edit: Oh, moofi. You would be woot’s twin.

Thanks for the feedback. Good to hear it sounds like it holds up.


Well it’s not really a fort if you only buy 1.

Woot has sold these several times in the past and I’ve thought about pulling the trigger every time but haven’t. It seems that the quality of these mattresses is somewhat inconsistent. Apparently some will develop a pit in the middle within months that you roll into all the time while others hold up for years. I’m not sure I want to chance it even though I could use a new mattress.

Previous Woot

What a snore fest.

i’m surprised the kids.woot.com isn’t a futon mattress…

I got one of these and i still can’t remember anything. They don’t work for me?

The day woot hired Rip Van Winkle as a buyer…