10 Strawberry Street 80 Pc Round Dinnerware Set

**Item: **10 Strawberry Street 80 Pc Round Dinnerware Set
Price: $99.99
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Compare to Bloomingdales at $250

Let’s check out the product page

Can anyone vouch for the quality of the porcelain pieces? 18/0 flatware is pretty rinky-dink; if their dishes are high quality they’d have been better off not including the flatware at all.

Wow, this is really practical. Much more practical than the set of wedding china we spent too much money on.

Walmart has what looks to be practically the same set (except that it’s half the set and has tumblers instead of wine glasses) for $39.97. So, if you get two of those, which will bring you to an 80pc set (again, with tumblers instead of wine glasses), it would cost you $79.94 (plus tax and shipping if you don’t want to get it in-store). They also have a 16pc (4 dinner plates, 4 coffee cups and saucers, and 4 appetizer plates) set of the same style available for $20.00. Additionally, they have it in a couple of different styles.

As for durability and whatnot, the dishes in particular seem to be pretty highly reviewed by Walmart’s customers.

Link to the 40pc set: http://www.walmart.com/ip/10-Strawberry-Street-40-Piece-Round-Dinnerware-Set-with-Glass-Tumblers-White/23569270

General link to their line at Walmart: http://www.walmart.com/browse/dining-entertaining/dinnerware/ten-strawberry-street/4044_623679_639999_489706/YnJhbmQ6VGVuIFN0cmF3YmVycnkgU3RyZWV0

I’ve had the cereal bowls for about 12 years and they get used daily. We’ve dropped a few over the years, but really like them and actually have replacements on our holiday list this year. If I was looking for a new set of dishes, I would jump on this.

Are these dishes and bowls microwave safe?

I just wanted to check because some of Woot’s other dining ware items warned that they weren’t.

I took a look at these yesterday just so I could answer questions. The dishes seemed really nice to me. They had a nice hefty feel to them without being overly heavy (e.g. Fiestaware).

I was nicely surprised by the flatware too. They had a nice thickness to them. They’re not heavy but they’re seemed pretty nice. The knife had a good feel to it in my hand.

From the features:
Dinnerware is microwave safe

Another disappointing deal to be had on this one. Blinq.com has this same set for 107.79 everyday price. Shipping is the same as woot so you’d save 8 bucks by jumping on this.

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Perfect for your Thanksgiving dinner table!

Exactly. Cool thing about white dishes is you can change the look of your table with different linens and centerpieces.

We have had 10 Strawberry dishes for about 5 years. And they are amazing.

I would call them “restaurant quality” for several reasons.

  1. they haven’t had any nicks or scratches in 5 years
  2. we have literally come across the same settings at fine restaurants. (Waitresses were all wtf when I lifted em up to check to see if they were strawberry)

One of the best wedding gifts I have gotten. In fact, I might buy a set to store till we have another wedding pop up!

Can anyone comment on the quality of the silverware? I had my heart set on a set by Oneida; will I be disappointed with these?

Yes - each porcelain piece is Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Customer Care
10 Strawberry Street

The Porcelain is great for everyday use, microwave and dishwasher safe. It is great to have one basic set. It is also fun to mix and match with other dinnerware pieces.

Customer Care
10 Strawberry Street

I’m sure that there is, it’s just that I wasn’t interested in either the flatware or the wine glasses as I already had both, so I figured that I’d put a few other options out there for those in the same boat as myself.