10" Twin Cool Sensation Memory Foam Mattress

Maybe it’s the BOC…incognito. Better get 3.

Beep Beep Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
He’s dead Jim.

Time to go home…

If this was a full I’d go for it…

Seriously, bring in the Queen size of this item. I’ll buy one!

maybe if it were full or queen…

lol due to the personal nature of this product there are no returns lolol

i wont MORE CRAP!!!

twins are not cool. twins are quite creepy, actually

worst wo. Why would they sell a twin for this price when they sold a full at a comparable price a few days ago on sellout


Good, i need a nap!!!

the person who told me about happy hour, is my hero lol i got my first bag of crap with no problems thanks

Perfect, cause this woot off is putting me to sleep.

gimmeeee maaahh rroooooommbbaaaaa

Shark farts!

jeez… creepy write up, crappy product.

12" bed is for me : )

Dinner time!

TWIN!? Ugh.