100% Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

100% Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

What could be wrong about a burning flame descending at random ?

It even carries it’s own fuel to start a fire, the candle, wax and the paper

Thankfully the release of this is illegal in many areas. Please don’t buy these.

1 caused a brushfire near my home



Also illegal in NYS unless tethered.

Can kite string be used?

@Froodyfrog I think you should get these for me and @peaceetc.

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Maybe there’ll be some by the BBQ.


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Possibly safe to use in the Sahara Desert or in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

Hot dogs are bbq right?

What kind of dogs?

Hot ones.

I need breeds…

And China.

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I had a big one crash in my back yard couple years ago in the middle of the night. Luckily it smoldered out and didn’t burn down house. Caught on security camera, but boring footage.

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We lit some of these off in the middle of winter, loads of snow in North Dakota, so less fire danger

I bought some old school ones and my wife (smartly) would not let me use them so they have just been sitting in the basement.
Using them in the winter is a good idea.

These are outlawed in 30 states. Oregon can fine you $2000 for releasing these

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Illegal in 30+ states. Irresponsible in all states. I’m really disappointed that Woot is selling these.

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People realize the potential of starting a fire with Sky Lanterns, yet I see smokers tossing lit cigarette butts out the car window all the time.

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It’s everybody’s own choice/responsibility to choose to buy/how they use these. Lots of people can be dumb, but that doesn’t mean everybody is. That being said, FOLLOW THE LAW, SONNY!