100% Cotton 16-PC Luxury Towel Set

What’s with the “Set includes: Two (4) bath towels, Two (4) hand towels, Two (8) washcloths”?

Shouldn’t it be “… Four (4)… Four (4)… Eight (8)…”?


Set includes: Two (4) bath towels, Two (4) hand towels, Two (8) washcloths

Thank you for pointing this out to us! We have corrected the sale. It’s still a 16-piece set, only we have corrected the amounts in the Features section from the incorrect “twos” to the now corrected (two) “fours” and “eight.”

Has anyone purchased these? I’m wondering how good these are, if they’re worth it…

Yeah my wife never lets me buy towels or sheets on woot because she doesn’t want to wind up with crappy ones that aren’t super soft and awesome. Consequently, I dry off with a 7 year old towel every day. LOL

Luxury!!! In my day, we’d have KILLED for a 7 year old towel. The 9 of us had to use a single square foot of 15 year old kraft paper, and hung up over a bed of coals to dry out for the next one.

But ya tell the kids that these days, an’ they won’t believe you, no.

I just got these the other day, threw them in the wash and used one just yesterday. They seem legit, soft, color is good. I do not know if they are going to hold up over the year but I’m in for a second set. 50$ for this amount of towel and decent quality, not the worst thing I’ve bought from woot over the years.

Just my 2cents.

Hah, you had a square foot. 24 of us had to share a 16-month-old used square of toilet paper.

Now I gotta ask, want IS the worst thing you bought from woot?

A pair of really, really, cheap shoes… I lost a bit of my “soul” afterwords.

I just got my second set of these towels. If anyone is on the fence I say you’re probably okay with getting these. They are fairly nice. Wouldn’t be a bad back to school buy for a college kid.