100 LED Solar String Lights, Your Choice

Bought these back on April. Didn’t use them until decorating for Christmas a few weeks ago. Out of the 3 sets we have one stays on for 3 hours, one lasts less than 2, and the third doesn’t come on at all. When they are on they look great but they are not on long.

Sadly, I think the warranty may have expired for your purchase, but I would encourage anyone else who has this issue for more recent purchases to contact customer service.

Are these warm white or that really bright white?

Consensus from previous discussions seems to be cool white.

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Sometimes solar lights are the victim of rechargeable batteries that no longer work as they should. I don’t know if this is the case with these… but you could check?

I bought two sets about 45 days ago. The lights are very weak. One set you can hardly see, the other set is brighter, but not much.
Super disappointed.

I bought these last time they were on. What a disappointment! First, there aren’t 12 inches between the solar pad and first light - only 3.5 inches. Second, the solar panels were scratched and looked worn. Third, as others have said, they only hold the charge for a few hours. Don’t waste your money.

5 boxes and 5 duds, if the batteries are bad cost too high to replace

Oh no! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the problem. They may be able to help.

The lights arrived quickly and in good packaging. At first they worked well and were bright, but after a couple of weeks, they are very week and the light doesn’t last. Maybe it’s because it’s not super sunny outside and maybe it’s because the batteries don’t work great in the cold or aren’t great to holding a long charge. As WOOT only accept returns for damaged and defective items I am a bit bummed, you live and you learn to not buy this junk again.

UPDATE: WOOT Customer Service was tremendous and refunded me the purchase.