100 LED Solar String Lights, Your Choice

These lights suck. With decent NC sunshine they only last a few hours and they’re a pale dim blue color. Nothing like the bright yellow in the picture.

I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Yeah, mine are a complete disaster. The biggest problem is - it seems to me - the indicators are catching the street light and never allow for the stupidest thing in the world ever to realize it’s time to turn on. And it’s not like the street light is real close or anything, just really really useless crap of lights. It’s either that or they just do not work. I got 5 strings, no lights. Useless.

I mean, even if they were on, - the light bulbs are the teeniest tiniest bulbs you’ve seen, you either need to pile them on in large quantities or only use them for small things in small spaces? But since they don’t anyway, it doesn’t matter.

Not happy.