100% pr0n 24/7/52



Good shot. Play again?


Go for it.


Was this technically 2 days of complete silence from poof’s?


You made it about half an hour short of two days, if my math is correct. Time math is stupid. We need metric time.


If it is 24 hours…we should try to post the closest to 24 hours to start it again.




Too long. Start again.
24 hours from 1:42 pm central time.







This has become no challenge at all. How about one month. Person who actually remembers that it exists wins a prize to be provided by no1.


i thought the point was to place a post exactly 24 hours later than the last. This doesn’t seem to have been done yet.


Ok. Once someone gets 24 hours exactly we do one month, no1 provides the prize, which he must purchase from woot.


I changed the title to a different game.


Hai I’m here for the pr0n?

SILLINESS: Randomly quoted posts of no particular significance.



Dude! Ducky I didn’t know you did this sort of thing. :frowning:



Oh sorry! I thought you said Prawn.