100 x Double Slimline CD Jewel Boxes

Worst garage sale ever.

I actually logged in to make fun of this item. Not only is it a horrible price but it’s even worse because it’s for DOUBLE discs.

But how else will you watch the entire Titanic movie if you don’t have both discs?

What’s a disc?

The stuff in this flash sale is the dregs that you would shrug to get in a BoC for a dollar.

Ain’t no one paying for this crap woot.


Okay, everybody will know I pay attention to minute (oot), details by the time they finish reading this, but can someone who’s bought and received these cases PLEASE tell me if the tabs that hold the actual front booklet in place are raised dots (which can leave two indentations near the top and bottom of the booklet if I don’t put the booklet in back first so the staples hit each dot and don’t damage the booklet at all), OR are they (I’m hoping), vertical raised bars, each about 1.5 inches, which don’t damage the booklet in any way?

Sorry that this is the longest, rambling question/sentence that you’ve read in your life (unless you’re like me), and would appreciate an answer to the above. Thanks for reading and answering!

Happy holidays to all,
Steve (Coltbear50)