1000 Faces Coffee 4-Pack

1000 Faces Coffee 4-Pack
$34.99 + $5 shipping
1 16 oz Aldo’s Blend Coffee
1 16 oz Bell’s Blend Coffee
1 16 oz Finca El Injerto Coffee
1 16 oz Finca Herbazu Coffee

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A whole wootoff of wines and not a Maryland shipper to be found :frowning:

My current pound is getting pretty low… I’m ready to be sold on these. Tell us tasty things! All the tasty things!

Why would you sell this much coffee together? There’s no way to use all of this before it goes bad, unless you throw a coffee party daily or own a cafe.

Coffee tends to go bad within a week or two of roasting.

just finished my last bag of thanksgiving day this week. perfect timing. dont know anything about this brand, but havent gotten a bad bag from wine.woot in the past. in for three… or is that twelve?

Are these whole beans or ground?

If they are ground, they are useless to me since I use a French Press…

It’s an honor to be the First Sucker. Good timing too, I am just about out of the Thanksgiving Day I got so long ago. Now how to brew it? French Press? French Pull? Vacuum? Regular Drip? Percolator? So many wonderful ways.

I live in Athens, GA - home of 1,000 faces. Their beans are delicious! They roast frequently in small batches, so your coffee is never more than a few weeks old. Bell’s Blend is my go-to breakfast joe and the others are excellent as well. I faithfully buy a pound from them at the farmer’s market every week.
Good Deal too - it usually goes from $12 - $16 a pound.

If they are ground they are useless no mater what method you choose to brew with.

If they are more than a month off roast they are useless. Most coffee is shot after 2 weeks for espresso and goes very flat in everything else by about 4 if not sooner.

Still it is good to see actual 1# bags! I would bet this coffee even at a year off roast is better than *$, and I know nothing about the roaster yet.

Anybody want to share their coffee to water ratios? What do you prefer; drip, french press, vacuum? Some cool hipster method we have never heard of? What about coffee grinders? I know burr is the way to go, but they are kind of expensive.

What makes your coffee so great?

keeping it in the freezer has always worked well for me

most coffees are best ground and brewed after waiting about a week after roasting.


Ya’ll don’t say if these are bags of beand or ground coffee.

If it’s ground we need to know which grind of the four they offer.

Saw beans mentioned twice in the ramblings but will not order based on that.

ive become a big fan of pour over the last couple months!

brb, googling french pull

dear woot gods…please answer the ultimate question…beans or ground

The whole freezer post roast thing has been debated a lot, most I know still don’t think it really helps much.

Correct most coffee needs a few days rest but not all. It is more critical for espresso than other methods. A few roasters like Intelly out of chi town are pushing for longer rest on their roasts right now. But it really depends on a number of factors personal preference chief among them.

Absolutely need to know.
Your coffee beans can be the best beans in the world, but if they are pre-ground, then they will still pale in comparison to ordinary grocery store beans freshly ground before brewing.
I wouldn’t pay $4 per pound for Blue Mountain if pre-ground.

I have 8 or nine brewing methods at my disposal, and multiples of a few.

This week I am using my Clever coffee Driper.

From there web site ALDO’S blend “dark, oily, stanky, musty, full-bodied, peppery, meaty, and seasoned. This is a blend of Indonesian and South American greatness. If you like full-bodied coffee, this is the choice for you.”

Sounds over roasted to me and not the terms I personally want to hear to describe a coffee.

This is how a friend describes what came out of my roaster this week.
Strong, rustic sweetness (a bit like chicory), molasses, sorghum syrup, pungent clove, cinnamon, substantial body, dark malty note, caramelized sugars, butterscotch, rustic overlay, cinnamon-laced black tea note in the finish along with aromatic cedar and cinnamon bark.

Keeping your coffee in the freezer degrades the quality of your beans, not enhance them. Don’t refrigerate them either. I have no idea where this absurd myth came from, but it’s pretty much on par with the “people eat 5 spiders in their sleep every year” thing.

If you want good coffee, buy whole beans from a local or trusted roaster, a week after roasting, but no longer than a month after roasting. Invest $100 in a decent burr grinder and grind fresh. If you have been using ground beans your whole life and have used beans that have been ground for more than a few hours, you’re missing out. Although, some people simply don’t care, so that’s also perfectly acceptable.

ETA: If you buy these beans because you want “good” coffee, make sure you invite a lot of friends, because you cannot possibly drink this coffee before it goes waaaay past its prime.