1000 Faces Coffee 4-Pack

1000 Faces Coffee 4-Pack
$34.99 + $5 shipping
CONDITION: Roasted Whole Bean
1 16 oz Aldo’s Blend Coffee
1 16 oz Bell’s Blend Coffee
1 16 oz Finca El Injerto Coffee
1 16 oz Finca Herbazu Coffee

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This is not Beer either. . .

Wine.woot periodically lists things that are not wine. When they do it can be from a wide variety of products but usually spices, chocolate, cheese, or wine related utility items (like wine bottle openers, bottle tags, or aerators). I’d suggest checking the discussion archives to see all the previous offerings.

Well, this should keep my wallet safe for a while…

grabbed 12 bags of this last time… only had the costa rican so far… no complaints though!

Whew, glad y’all cleared that up for us! :tongue:

This is Sparta?

I bought this last time. I enjoyed their coffee. This is a great deal if you drink enough coffee to enjoy it fresh.

And we am Spartacus

(RIP, Andy Whitfield)

Yes, but will it give me those oh so necessary jitters at work?

“Shipped ground”

I prefer whole bean.

FYI, this is whole bean coffee. It’s shipped via ground (as opposed to air, sea or Star Trek teleporter ;). You can see that it’s whole bean by the condition description

Not much of a wine woot when they sell coffee for six hours. What’s next - sea salt?

In my own experience, one great determination of quality in coffee is how recently it was roasted. I usually buy coffee that was roasted locally for this reason. These look like good beans though, and a fair bit cheaper. Can we get roasting dates?

Also, can I trust this is fair trade? Coffee is one of those places where that is generally important.

Sea salt can reduce coffee bitterness. I add a pinch to the filter before dumping in the coffee.

You might want to try some better coffee. Kona Joe is pretty good and not bitter.