1000 Faces Coffee Company



1000 Faces Coffee Company

1000 Faces Coffee Company 'Spro 4-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $64.00) 38% off List Price
Espresso Savio 2-Pack
Espresso Neruda
Decaf Monk

1000 Faces Coffee Company The Deep 4-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $62.00) 36% off List Price
Aldo’s Blend
Selva Negra, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Finca Las Brisas, Matagalpa, Nicaragua
Espresso Savio

1000 Faces Coffee Company The Bright 4-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $65.00) 38% off List Price
bell’s blend
Slow Food Presida, Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Lekempti, Harrar, Ethiopia
Espresso Neruda

1000 Faces Coffee Company The S.O. 4-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $64.00) 38% off List Price
Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Hunapu, Antigua, Guatemala
La Nubia
Lekempti, Harrar, Ethiopia

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I might have missed it, but are these packages whole bean or ground?


This is my question as well! I LOVE coffee, and I LOVE to make it, and $10 a lb seems great, especially if these are good, but if it’s ground, I’m off the fence. Whole bean? We’ll see what other people have to say about the flavor!


I got one of these deals last year. If its the same, it will be whole beans. They try to roast them right before shipping so they’re fresh for you. I stuck mine in an air tight container - in fact I think I still have a few beans left over! I enjoyed the different tastes (the only names I recognize on here from mine is Aldo’s Blend and perhaps one of the Espresso ones). I thought all 4 blends were great that I received, and I’m considering picking more up!


They’re whole bean. Guaranteed.


Hey Woot, hint hint. How about a 4 pack of airtight canisters to hold these, while we’re here. I end up feeding my coworkers coffee because I have nowhere decent to store all this.


i mean, they’re not canisters, but…


And if you want snacks with coffee…


It is ok to freeze your beans. It has been discussed in the past coffee beans deals, and that scientifically it has been proven to have little to no effect on the flavor as long as you defrost properly in a dry environment.

I bought these both times it was offered before and I would attest to their high value for the dollar. Great beans, well roasted and it was very freshly made (1 day before it was shipped, another two days to me). Highly recommended.


I’ll have to check the site to see what is what. We don’t dig the burnt Starbucks junk, and only go with medium to light roasted goodness. That way it tastes good, and all the caffeine hasn’t been burned out of the bean!


Hello Wooters!

So nice and toasty to be back here on Wine.Woot, this time as part of a Woot Plus deal.

These beans are, in fact, whole bean. We’ll be roasting and shipping these next week, so they’ll be supa fresh for you.

These four packages are a thorough representation of what we do, more so than a traditional Woot deal. Hope y’all enjoy!


We concur. We do what’s called profile roasting, which means we match roast profiles to the terroir of the coffee bean, so that the flavors extracted through the roast combine with the inherent flavors of the bean in the most symbiotic fashion.

We never roast to second crack (when the body and structure of the bean begins to deteriorate).

We prefer to speak in terms like body/richness/brightness/juicy/jammy vs. light/medium/dark.


At the risk of being mocked… what are the chances these could be ground and used (effectively!) in a Keurig? I’ve never used a custom brew with our Keurig, but I’d love to try moving away from the crazy expensive pre-packaged k-cups.

On a side note, I’d have sworn that yesterday this Woot Plus offering was a wine selection that was listed as being available until the 22nd…(luckily, it’s the Pinot Grigio that I’m still on the fence about)…??


These coffee beans are the BEST. Starbucks sells Blonde Roast for 8 to 12 dollars. They use mixed regional beans and roast them in HUGE batches.

1000Faces does it right and you’re getting an awesome deal. If you do 1T to 2T coffee per cup your life will be forever changed regardless of method.

Right now I can’t decide what to get.


I bought the 1000 Faces pack when it was last offered on Woot and I’m currently brewing some Bell’s Blend or Espresso Savio every day using an Ekobrew cup in my Keurig machine. I use probably close to 2 tablespoons per cup and it tastes great to me.


I usually drink Starbucks Sumatra, because it’s one of the few easily available whole bean dark roast offerings I’ve found that can stand up to being brewed properly. (SB French Roast is a disaster.) I use an ordinary cone drip brewer, with white paper filters and brewed into a thermal carafe.

I have done side by side tastings of my drip brewed Sumatra with the same beans from the same grind brewed with the Keurig. The drip brewed was the clear winner - stronger, deeper, richer, fuller. That was with with the maximum coffee charge in Keurig unit, and the Keurig set to produce the small size cup (i.e., using the Keurig to get the most potent output).

A Keurig is a convenience machine. If you want to brew good coffee, you need to use equipment that is optimized for brewing, not for convenience. And of course, if you want to take it to the next level beyond me, you would be using a press instead of a drip unit.

If you use this in your Keurig you will likely notice that it an improvement over what your Keurig has been producing. But it will still be short of what you could get if you used the same beans in a setup that makes fewer compromises to the brewing process for the sake of convenience.

And, frankly, when you go the hassle of grinding the small amount of beans needed for the Keurig, loading your freshly ground coffee into the Keurig unit custom adapter, cleaning the spent grounds from the adaper after you are done, waiting for the Keurig to prep for a second round of operation (because you need to go through two brew cycles to get a mug of coffee using the small cup setting on the Keurig),reloading the adapter and recleaning the adapter … at that point it’s really not any more convenient than just grinding your beans for ordinary brewing.


I have a Keurig and rarely brew K-cups in it. That includes the last two woot offerings of 1000 Faces, and now I’m back for more.


I’m curious as to which brew cup you used. I find that the Ekobrew makes a really good cup of coffee. The filter outlet design on it seems to allow more flavor to be extracted from the ground coffee. It also has the benefit over the Keurig “My K-Cup” thing because you don’t have to remove the K-cup holder to use the Ekobrew.


It was my sister’s K machine, so it was whatever adapter came with her unit.

That being said, the extraction of flavors from ground coffee is an elution process, and some flavor components simply take more time to be released. Heat and pressure can decrease the time, but only to a point. So I am not the least surprised that the K cup lacked depth, and I suspect strongly that is an inherent limitation in the process; it’s one of the compromises to the brewing process that comes with having a K machine.