1000 Faces Coffee Winter Collection (4)

1000 Faces Coffee Winter Collection 4-Pack
$36.99 $62.00 40% off List Price
(1) Aldo’s Blend, 12 oz. Bag
(1) El Joaquin, 12 oz. Bag
(1) Kokanna, 12 oz. Bag
(1) Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, 12 oz. Bag

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I don’t see any details about when the coffee beans were roasted. Any idea if they’re being roasted before shipment or have they been sitting around for months at this point or…?

At $0.83per ounce of coffee - that’s outrageous! Go to Trader Joe’s or ANY retailer and get it for around $0.50 per ounce. Trader Joe’s is organic and Fair Trade as well so you’re doing something positive WHILE saving money!

It’s not outrageous when theyre micro lots by small roasters. I buy locally roasted beans from the Ugly Mug here that are fair trade for around $1/ounce. The freshness and uniques of the beans is well worth the price compared to store bought stuff… But you kinda need to be a coffee geek to appreciate the good stuff.

dunno if I am tired or what -
it’s not clear to me.

are these coffee coffees
regular coffee from groovy places

are some of these those fancy flavored numbers
I have no use for those-
nothing against those who do.
hey, it takes all kinds to make a world…

Don’t get me wrong, I love 1000 Faces coffee - really, I do. I’ve Wooted it twice, in fact. But last time around the bags changed from 16oz to 12oz, and this time the price went up by two bucks. At this point, it just isn’t worth the price to me anymore, especially when the beans take over a month to reach me via SmartPost. Farewell and godspeed, 1000 Faces, it’s been real.

Are these sold as whole bean or ground coffee? I can’t find where that is in the specs. If ground, I’m not interested, thanks.

I’ve wooted this a couple times and received them just a handful of days after roasting, right at peak.

I then subdivide the bags into 105g portions (enough for 6 espressos on the Achille) in snack-sized zip-freezer-baggies. I then place these baggies in a Lock-n-lock container in the freezer. This way I open the L-n-L while still in the freezer, and only remove a baggie without risking that any of the rest of the beans get condensation. I let the baggie reach room temperature before opening it. I usually have several pounds of beans at any given time, and they keep amazingly well for many many weeks this way in the freezer. I get amazing crema all the way to the last shot of a batch. One difference though is that after thawing, you really have to use it within a day or two since crema is reduced quite a bit after 36 hours or so when pre-frozen, compared to the 3-5 days I get when not.

Anyhow, my only gripe with this deal now is that I’m kinda set in my ways and don’t really venture into entirely different flavor profiles anymore. LOVED their Espresso Savio batch, but didn’t care much for some microbatch they had, (Brisas maybe), kinda killing the deal for me, pricewise. In today’s group for example, I’ve never tolerated Ethiopian from any roaster very much, so at the very least 25% of this deal would probably be wasted for me. Plus, no Espresso Savio this time! :frowning:

I just roast my own at about $5 a pound for the best and freshest quality coffee. Takes about 7 min. If you are not buying coffee that is roasted locally then you are missing out.

I grow my own coffee, so I’ll pass :slight_smile:

This comes out to nearly 14.00 a pound. One is a Brazil blend, Brazilian coffee is one of the cheapest there is. Beans from this region are often used in flavored coffee because of their cheap price.

Costa Rican is also a low cost bean.

I just don’t see the value here. Maybe if there was a Kona or Jamaican blend, but for these coffees from these regions it’s just not there.

So I’m one of those weird people that reads the write-ups sometimes, but this one is pretty terrible. There is an obvious typo with “Rick” and “Rob” and it is painfully unfunny. Whoever wrote this should buy this product and try to not write like this ever again.

I’ve never read a single writeup. I’d prefer they didn’t have them, but perhaps that’s the Woot schtick.

I ordered the coffee from 1000 Faces last time I saw this deal. It. was. awful. I suffered through about 3 weeks of some of the worst, poorly roasted and stale tasting coffee I’ve ever had. Don’t do it!!!

Hello WOOTers! So jazzed to be back on Wine.Woot today and to be sharing more details about this great coffee offering.

Your four pack will be roasted this week, starting today, in 20lb batches on our Diedrich IR-12 roaster. Yep, 20lbs at a time. Each coffee bag will have a roast date hand written on the bottom of the bag. We will be sending the packages out as soon as they’re roasted, bagged, and packed, so you should receive them at their peak, barring any SmartPost shipping delays.

Whole bean, good sir.

These are coffees directly sourced at origin, from groovy places, with no flavorings besides the natural terroir which the roasting process is really meant to highlight as opposed to cover up.


So you drank 3lb of coffee in 3 weeks and you think it’s their coffee that is the root of your problem?