1000 Lumen Viper Rechargeable Flashlight 2-PK

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1000 Lumen Viper Rechargeable Flashlight 2-PK
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1000 lumen at head of lantern, or for how far stays at this intensity? Wonder if, being LED loses intensity after a short distance.

look exactly like some 800 lumen flashlight 2 pack i bought a little while back. one broke right away. the other still works. very bright. good deal with the batteries. use them in your vape if the flashlites break

same as this one, it seems… $7 each on amazon


[Mod: Doesn’t even look the same. Also, no case]

I’ve used this type of light (not rechargeable type) for years and found them to be serviceable. They are amazingly bright for the first ten minutes then drop off significantly for the remaining battery life, though last a fairly good while with 3 good AAA batteries due to Cree’s low power consumption. Don’t know quality of the rechargeables used in these. Like having an adjustable beam. Always hated the square beam however, especially when zoomed in because of the vertical black bars. But again, they do provide light and are serviceable. After years of use I finally got tired of using them as my primary light sources and purchased a Surefire that Amazon had as Deal Of The Day. What a relief! Now just keep these lights in glovebox, etc. for as-needed usage.

Most high intensity LED flashlights (and I’m sure that includes this one) use a circuit which keeps the light constant for the entire life of the battery. The circuit is called a Joule thief. This light uses a single 18650 cell.

Lumens don’t vary with distance from the source. They are a measure of the total output.
Another unit, the lux, takes into account the area over which the lumens are spread.

In any case, this light has an adjustable beam width from wide to very narrow.

Light does not have more or less “strength” if a light starts at its source as x lumens, the environment takes over from there. Ambient light, particles in the air, dirty lens all contribute to light reduction, but in the end, it’s a formula that applies to all light sources. I’m a lighting technician, and if you get our your $1000 light meter, you’ll see light loses candlepower at a very predictable rate. In the end, distance is the final factor, and won’t lose light any slower or faster from its source than any other flashlight, given equal starting lumens.

FOH with your “knowledge” and “facts.” We all know that the light output comes in joules per square decaliter. Tell us the truth, man.

I suppose ANY flashlight is “rechargeable” if you use a removable battery that you have to pull out each time and put in a separate charger.

How about “rechargeable” flashlights that just clip into a charger of some sort?

(and all these stupid goofy “modes” can go die a fiery death in Hades)

Olight makes some nice rechargeables that come with a magnetic charging base.

I like that its army. If it’s good enough to be army then these are a steal. Plus, the attack head feature is great. I wonder how much R&D went into optimizing the attack head. Maybe as much as the rechargeable battery I bet.

Any idea with the lumines are at the low and medium settings?

Hello, we’ve updated the specs…

Full Brightness: 1000 Lumen
Medium Brighntess: 600 Lumen
Low Brightness: 300 Lumen

Thank you.

Thank you.