1000 Lumen Viper Rechargeable Flashlight 2-PK

I purchased one set (two flashlights per package) and I’m happy with them. I am really picky about flashlights and I like these. They are a bit larger and heavier than the smaller ones from the same vendor that use one AA battery. What I like about these:
Heavy duty aluminum construction with O ring seals, like the smaller ones
You get two power options - either the rechargeable lithium battery (wall charger included) or an insert that holds three AAA batteries. I can’t comment on the quality of the lithium battery yet but they both charged up fine and put out the correct voltage for the LED.
1000 lumens is extremely bright. Added to that is the ability to focus the beam from wide to narrow. Set on narrow I would advise not looking at the beam. You will definitely be seeing spots for a while.
The plastic case is not really needed though it does give you a place to keep the charger and the battery inserts. Or you can throw it away.
I do think it’s pretty insane that they say “Army Gear” on the side; if they have any relationship to any Army it would be the Chinese one.
Good set of flashlights and I would buy again.

Do these come with the AAA insert? It doesn’t list it in the “in the box” section.

It shows the inserts in one of the photos, so I would assume that it does.

I ordered these last time they were available and mine came with an insert for each flashlight.

I’ve been a fan of this type flashlight for years- these are everywhere for around $7 without the 18650 battery or charger, so this combo is really a great deal.

I scored a pair last month and they do what they’re supposed to quite well.

The zoom is smooth and easy one-handed, but enough resistance to keep it from slipping, and the 3 levels of intensity rock.

how long does a charge last?

Per the vendor: A single charge will last up to 10 hours of continuous illumination before needing to be charged again.

Yes it does… one for each flashlight

Very impressed with the brightness and the ability to zoom, etc. The only thing I can’t figure out is why, when I zoom, I get all little bright boxes in the zoom area?

I’m finally replacing all my regular household flashlights with this type. The LED lights are just phenomenally bright and reasonably priced. I remember years ago having to pay $40 and up for flashlights with the little bulbs… What a difference technology has made!

Basically at full zoom you are imaging/projecting the surface of the LED array. Bright spots are the individual LEDs, black lines are the wire leads.

I thought 1000 lumens would be great to have in a pocket flashlight. At this price point, the 18650 batteries and charger seemed like a bonus.
Unfortunately, it is not nearly as bright as the Duracell 500 lumen flashlight I keep at bedside.
I feel the lumen rating is overstated by a lot. I’ll stick to buying lights at Costco and Sam’s.
The batteries are rated 3500m Ah, but weight only a bit over half as much as my 18650 battery with a 3000m Ah battery. Not sure what’s up with that.

They’re actually only 500mAh according to my iSDT C4 Smart Charger, so a 3000mAh Chinese fudge-factor.

Oh, and the Chinese writing on it says “Note: Do not run out of power, otherwise you will not be able to recharge!” Not sure why just that part is in Chinese instead of Chinglish like the rest (that includes “Discharge protection”) … Heh

I got similar results on the batteries with my tests. They’re 500 to 800 mAh. I don’t think it’s a bad deal for two flashlights, a cheap charger, and YES the AAA inserts are included. However, it does make you feel cheated when they clearly advertise the batteries as 3500 mAh and in fact they label them as such. And yet Woot passes them off to us and probably continues to deal with the supplier/manufacturer with impunity.

It’s just not right.

Hi there. If you’re unhappy with the flashlight, you can return it.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Similar flashlights return to last mode after turning off then back on again later. With this purchase, both flashlights cycle to the next mode every time I turn them on. Anyone else experiencing this?