1000 PK Blue Nitrile Gloves

1000 PK Blue Nitrile Gloves

I dont have big hands and I always buy X-L.

How easily do these tear, split or puncture when worn by someone with long fingernails?

Asking for a friend.

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Any fit/sizing guidance Woot?

Nice! A Firefly reference!


I wouldn’t expect too much from these as the specs say they are 4 mil which, IMO, is very thin. When working on my cars 8mil is usually the thinnest I will go to have any chance of use. These would be more like examination style gloves.

None for these specifically. Found this generic chart for nitrile gloves. Maybe it’ll help.



Harbor Freight Tools is my go-to place for these kind of gloves. They have 4 mil, 7 mil and 9 mil available at decent prices. https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=nitrile%20gloves . I would feel quite comfortable with 9 mil for long fingernails. They are not as easy to poke through.

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So I ordered these a few weeks ago and they just arrived. The brand is qubemedic.com
Not bad for the price, yes they are very thin but for my purposes it is exactly what I need. Single use, handle yucky stuff and throw away gloves (dog accidents, raw chicken, dicing onions, you know - yucky stuff gloves) I would NOT use them for anything heavy duty, I am not sure how long they would hold up. As for sizing, the box only has a vague chart: small 6-7, medium 7-8, large 8-9 and XL 9-10

Found this on their website:

Nitrile Examination

Powder Free Gloves

Made of synthetic rubber nitrile (Acrylonitrile-butadiene) and its 100% latex free. Provides better protection against latex sensitive users and prevent contamination between patient and user. The gloves offer a more superior performances against oil/grease and many more chemical applicants.

  • Finger texture surface
  • Available glove length: 240mm
  • Non-sterile
  • Ambidextrous
  • Beaded cuff
  • Single use only

Hope that helps!


:blue_heart: the “2 by 2 - With Hands of Blue” reference.


Did you have had wanted these?

No, I did not. No, I do not. No, I will not.

Been using HF 7mil gloves for years for finishing woodwork. Every time I put on a pair I say “Two by two, hands of blue.” and my wife gives me the stank eye.

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1,000 7 ml would set you bacl $260 plus tax and shipping. Not cheap.

Sure you are.

These are actually pretty good. I go thru nitrile gloves like crazy. The Large is larger than most larges. Medium fits like a normal medium. Thickness is good. I have not had one rip yet.

Shame I didn’t order these for you.

And yet somehow I’ll survive.

XL feels like L

That is not the brand I received.