1000 PK Blue Nitrile Gloves

1000 PK Blue Nitrile Gloves

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I got these last time around in medium (average sized woman’s hands). They’re ok, I had some from Sam’s that were better and their medium was a little bigger. I use gloves to pump gas so I don’t get gas on my hands. These are so thin they are stuck together like glue in my car and it’s not even hot out yet. The Sam’s ones never stuck together even in the middle of summer in Florida. I’ll try separating them into ziplock bags. You get a LOT of gloves so it’s a great deal for one time use situations if I can overcome the melting issue. Also, they don’t come that far up your wrist like the photo. Definitely won’t cover your watch.


Thanks for posting. I always find it Sus when the thickness of the gloves is omitted.

I see they hid it in the bowels of the description - 4mil is thin.