1000TC 100% Cotton Solid 4-Piece Sheet Set

The mothership has 1500 ct 4 piece sheets for $25, with prime.

Microfiber, not cotton! HUGE difference!

My mattress is more like 9" deep. These have a 16" deep fitted sheet. Therein lies the problem.

My preference would be to purchase fitted sheets that fit a larger depth than the actual mattress, to allow for potential shrinkage of the sheet, particularly if cotton.
I bought some sheets, labeled PCT, 100% Egyptian Cotton, that were great to the touch, but shrunk after first wash considerably.

From what I understand anything over 800TC is not single-ply.

I have ordered these sheets for some time
Now. They are wonderful. Very nicely made
All cotton and hold up in the wash forever !!
Best Buy on the market for sure. These sheets
Are over 250.00 at Khols. Love them!!!

Say Woot! Is the manufacturer for these the same as the manufacturer of the 800TC sheets? I’ve been pleased with the 800TC but they’re not available in the size I need. It’d be nice to know if the manufacturer is the same, so hopefully the quality will be the same, too.

It would help if you linked to the ones you bought previously. I looked at your orders but didn’t see it in recent ones. You can get the link from your order history.

Good point. It’s the set 800TC set included in this sale, but here’s the link to when I bought them: http://home.woot.com/offers/800tc-100-egyptian-cotton-double-hole-hem-sheets-2

I’m asking. Thanks for the link!

Update: The 800TC & the 1000TC are different manufacturers.

I couldn’t agree more. I love the 800TC sheets and can’t get them in the right size for my other bed. A little more disclosure about the manufacturers from Woot would certainly go a long way to ensure proper ordering and eliminate potential returns. I did order a set of these 1000TC. Fingers crossed that I won’t have to return them…

When do we get percale instead? It’s always sateen, which isn’t nearly as nice, and wears out much faster.

Bottom sheet arrived ripped - and didn’t fit my queen mattress - and the top sheet was way too short!

Oh man, sorry to hear about the rip. If you haven’t, please send your situation and order info to support@woot.com so our CS team can help.

very disappointed. Fabric is beading up. Will not purchase again