1000TC Sheet Sets - 2 Sizes - 4 Colors

**Item: **1000TC Sheet Sets - 2 Sizes - 4 Colors
Price: $69.99
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Condition: New

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Let’s learn what a thread count actually is

“Indulge in luxurious softness with this sheet set made from a durable cotton / polyester blend

I was on board until the bold bit. No cotton/poly blends for me, as they are more likely to pill.

This is also a good guide on the other important features to know in sheets (besides just thread counts).

I have 500TC poly/cotton, they pilled after several washes, don’t recommend the blend.

I’m still waiting for some 200TC Egyptian cotton sheets to show up on home.woot.

Polyester…not naturally grown, not naturally made…even Under Armour caught on that COTTON is NEVER the enemy.

Sorry, but my favourite cloth is Oxford weave, at about 75 (I’m guessing here( threads per inch.

It is VERY soft, and makes great shirts. (They don’t have the “crisp” folds, though.)

For bedding, I prefer cotton
flannel, which also is a coarse weave. (And, also soft.)



If it was shipped for free, and you’d PAY me to buy it, I’d STILL pass!


Woot is a funny place that allows people to reuse the same jokes over and over each time the same item resurfaces.

Yeah yeah yeah, but. . .

Are they compatible with my iMac?

You had me @ “polyester blend”.

Sateen finish” is over the top.

I bought a 1000TC a while back and currently use them. They are very durable and thick/dense, just not very soft.

My next sheets will probably be sateen or egyptian cotton. Its worth spending money on things you are on 1/3 of your life.

This phenomenon is why I choose not to look at the tech.woot board today - headphones. Roughly as controversial as sheets.

I still tease my husband about the first time I ever slept over his house. He had brown poly sheets that were about 13 Thread Count. I dubbed them “The Burlap Sheets” and bought him some 1000TC Egyptian Cotton.
Now that he’s learned about the good things in life, he would post would EXACTLY what you did!

Sateen sheets are the worst, they pill and they suffocate you. 180 thread count sheets can be just as good as 1000 if the weave is wrong.

You and me both.

I just put on my flannel sheets, but I’m too worried about the esters to /ever/ sleep on polyester!