1000W Portable Rugged Bluetooth NFC BoomBox

What about this is 1000 watts, I wonder? It’s not power output, or input. Just marketing maybe-

It’s made by Pyle, so I suspect they’re using car stereo power ratings which are not RMS. JVC used to make a unit that looked very much like this one and it was REALLY loud, however this unit has a lot of negative reviews online, so I’m gonna wait until a comment comes in from somebody who’s actually HEARD this thing!

Yeah, remember those days with “pure music power” ratings or some such marketspeak, with no real correlation to anything electrically meaningful.

This thing weights 21 lbs.

How long do you usually get out of a small couple hundred watt system from your 40lb car battery in your car when it’s only powering your amps. Also how heavy are those quality amps by themselves, and those quality speakers.

It must be powered by unicorn dust, or the worlds cheapest LIo batteries ever and then played through hopes and dreams.

Also previous commenter mentioned PMP… I never knew what that stood for except for “Run away, fake power rating. Not RMS”

I bought this exact item last year from WOOT. This is a bad product. It functioned fine but the sound quality was disappointing. The “bass” aspect of this is not impressive either. It was a huge let-down from what was promoted/advertised for this product. Also, lugging this cumbersome piece of equipment around is quite a chore. Don’t be fooled by the marked down price. I gave up on buying crappy China made sound items after this and bought a Bose that was 25% the weight and size but twice the sound volume, quality, and bass. The Bose was twice the price also but well worth it.