1000W Portable Rugged Bluetooth NFC BoomBox

Was excited when I received it but a bit nervous, Pyle has let me down before. It looked good out of the box. Bluetooth pairing was easy. I have tested with bluetooth and aux in. If you are into Classic Rock, Country, Metal, Classic R&B or Pop; it is sufficient. As long as you don’t turn it to max volume, it will start dropping out. If you like any newer music with any kind of bass line, don’t let the 1000 watts fool you. This WILL NOT hit at all. Any thing lower than a mid bass just fuzzes. Thank you for being consistent Pyle. You didn’t fail to disappoint. (By default you too Woot)

Yeah, I was excited too looking forward to having a hard hitting BOOM! Box, but the 1000w only delivers a measly 500w at best. Can’t crank it and can’t be too far away when outside. The sub and high speakers are both on the side and boy does that diaphragm shake! I’m glad I didn’t pay more than the sale price here. Overall it’s decent for the price.