100Ft. 10/3 Lighted Extension Cord

Not a good price at all.

This is a good price for a 10 gauge 100 ft lighted cord.

My way of having a lighted Extension Cord for much less… Go to the nearest hardware store or free Meyer or Walmart ( although I never shop there) buy four 25 foot or two 50 foot extension cords. Put them together… Use saran wrap around all the connections of the cords. Take cheap rope light and twist the outdoor cord around it. Plug both in… There you have it… It is best to test this contraception during a hurricane or natural disaster to really get the idea of it’s effectiveness… Have fun and make sure you are standing in a really large puddle of water with bare feet…


link to a better one?

100ft of 10g wire costs a bit IME.

The ridgid is worth the $10 premium. Life time warranty is worth that small price.