101 Wines Book Signed By Gary Vaynerchuk

101 Wines Book Signed By Gary Vaynerchuk
$10.99 + $5 shipping
condition: **Autographed **
product: 1 101 Wines, signed by author Gary Vaynerchuk

No CellarTracker links. :slight_smile:

It’s not wine?

or “101 Dreams of a cokehead by Gary Vaynerchuk”

This guy urks me and I don’t know why the Digg.com boys love him so much…

Wait. What?

Now, I’ve already bought 2 copies, but they’re not signed. I’ll have to get Gary to sign them in person.

This is a definite buy, guys!

In for one but not 1st…Drat!!

I read a book once…dare I do it again?

Because they can spell properly? Just a guess :slight_smile:

Agh! Already bought two copies form Gary. Can’t afford to get a third one right now. Congrats on the book Gary!

In for one - I need something lighter to read than the normal stuff.

For reals…I’m watching him right now. I’m surprised but I’m probably in…we’ll see in the morning when I can think clearly.

Ok, in. Now please clarify. Were we expecting this tonight? Am I that hopelessly behind that I didn’t notice hints about a midweek shift? Or did y’all all just happen to be going to read the main thread, as was I, when the paradigm shifted? Please illuminate.

I had first locked up, but for some reason, “My Order [was] NOT in” while I went to another session to ‘start’ this thread. Went back confirmed I had the right CC info in, and just hit the submit button again and it worked. ~shrug~

I knew. But I wasn’t allowed to tell anybody :slight_smile:

yea, i saw it Corrado. wierd.

and Nallie, this is a complete blindside. Just keeping things fresh…

This is goofy to me…but in a good way. It’s like Microsoft selling Ipods…it’s like Coke doing a co-promotion with Pepsi…it’s like wine.woot selling Vaynerchuck books…oh wait…

thanks woot, got one for the wife

Hmmm, they still make books how about that…

We were just talking about Gary with a friend tonight, and this woot comes up… how crazy…