101 Wines Book Signed By Gary Vaynerchuk

So wine.wooters, you really do respect this guy? and vouch for him?

I’d never heard of him, but also I do respect your opinions. I think I’ll have to sleep on this and see what you guys have in his defense.

I did make the mistake of reading Amazon forum links from this book’s page, and it seems that there is, indeed, a lot of hype surrounding this book.

All warranted, you would say?

What’s next, Blue cheese from point reyes? (I hope)

He’s coming up on Conan in a few minutes (East coast).

I’ve met him a bunch of times in person. Gary is a really good guy, a huge fan of wine.woot (and the very first labrat, Corrado notwithstanding), and really wants to demystify wine – “toast” instead of “pain grille”. Take some of his RHETORIC with a single grain of salt (and the marketing buzz on the back of the book with 2 grains), but the guy really knows his wines, and he’s not afraid to trash the stuff he sells. In fact, of the stuff he rates (most of which he sells), the majority of it is lower than other critics.



Would it be weird to give it a Sniffy-Sniff?

Thank you. I am feeling less inadequate already. And I especially appreciate that you did not start this comforting clause with “Whoa, Nallie.” (Note to occasional visitors: confused by this inside joke? See page one-ish of the cycles thread. Then pretend to laugh. It’s the polite thing to do. Thank you for your support.)

what a great buy! in for one, thanks woot.

I don’t know if it is the case in your area, but my Costco now carries Pt. Reyes and I buy it every week.

As an added. If your a reader of his site you may have seen this. I dont know that it specifically applies to this purchase, but I dont know why it would"nt.

If You Buy 2 Books:
If you buy 2 or more copies email a copy of your receipt to book@winelibrary.com to receive special offers and promotions that will be made available to book purchasers only! Remember, you must purchase 2 copies or more to qualify!

It’s a free shipping code on any # of 750ml (or smaller) bottles of wine.

Note to VA folks – they have lots of different Sparkling Shirazes :slight_smile:

He is on Conan O’Brien right this very minute!

GaryV! Bringing the thunder to Conan O’Brien!

I’m in for two!

Sigh Resistance is futile…but I guess it’ll come in handy if I do get to go to Europe ::crosses fingers::

Last wooter to woot: rachel1782

I’ve seen the interviews of him, he seems like a genuine stand up guy. I’m a big fan even though I do not get the chance to watch WLTV as often as I’d like, and even though Wine Library doesn’t ship to MINNESOTA YET!

::Tee Hee:: Gary smelled Conan’s arm pit!

Oh hell, in for 3. I got a couple of wine friends/relatives that will get a kick out of this. And one for Java of course.

Nah. This one has words to go with the pictures … :tongue:

thanks for the heads up on the Conan show. That last glass expression looked “interesting” :slight_smile:

I haven’t met him, and only seen him via the internet TV episodes, but he seems real enough. Just picture the Energizer Bunny on a Caffeine High! Sniffy Sniff!